johnnyhenderson 发表于 2017-9-14 18:12:59

Has anyone else ever had this happen before?

I was playing online after completing 2 straight survivals when all of a sudden I saw my RP come on the screen and begin going backwards,lowering my level from 471 to 440 before I decided to quit out of the session to see if I could avoid it going down even further.So,I quit the online mode then logged back in to a new session again.When I checked my level,I t was reset to rank 1 and my RP was at -184500000,but I still had all of my money that I had made from before.Also,It said I had not unlocked any missions yet from contacts.As it is right at the moment,I can't do heists unless I can somehow get my rank of 471 back.Does anyone know how this could have happened?Maybe by a modder or a hacker somehow?

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