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Job in Social Services with B.S. Psychology?

I do plan on doing volunteer work really soon once I settle into my new job as a Research Assistant for intervention programmes. I know this is not very relevant work experience for what I plan to do in the future, but I am waiting on a non-profit organisation to get back to me on my job interview. There, I would get to work with youth at-risk, families, and the elderly.
So I was just wondering if

1. Would I be able to get a job – any job – with any community services organisations with my limited work experience + bachelors as it is now?

And if I can't find a job with my experience as it is now,
2. Would completing a Diploma of Community Services at TAFE help?
And is that useful or would I just be throwing money away when I could've spent that time volunteering and/or being underpaid but building up experience with any community service organisation?
3. How have Psychology graduates with the same study experience like me been faring with job prospects? What do you do? Were your jobs easy to get and how long did it take for you to find it?

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