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VET schools ranking systems VIC

Hi all, my wife is newly arrived in Oz and shes pretty set on a career in childcare due to the high employability, and the fact you only need a certificate 3 from a VET (Vocational Education) training provider.

However, finding a training provider seems to be like entering a dark and murky world where school differ a lot in their fees, course duration, entry requirements, etc. The one thing that is getting me is one or two schools we visited claim they are a "Level 1 VET training Provider" in Victoria. So therefore, they have a higher prestige than others and can charge more, make entry requirements more stringent and even having a longer duration for their course. One school we saw takes 12 months for the Cert 3 for Early Childhood studies, including placements, for international students, purely on the basis they are a "Level One' provider.

Can someone in the know explain to me where this ranking system originates from, and on what basis is a 'level 1' or 'level 2' decided?

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